Timeline of the Q3 - Q4 2020 - Q1 2021 events

Dear Users,

We would like to present a timeline that will show our plans and assumptions for the next few months. We have prepared many new solutions and opportunities that will allow you to achieve even greater benefits. The purpose of this presentation is to outline the direction of Smart Trade Coin. Each of the following events will be preceded by an additional newsletter, which will include specific information, details, and dates of each event.


New attractive products on STC NOW

New products will appear on the Smart Trade Coin NOW platform. Thanks to them it will be possible to increase investment and trading opportunities in STC GO! As always, all products will be available at attractive prices.


Start of STC VISA CARD registration

Smart Trade Coin will enable registration of VISA cards. It will be a physical tool that will improve the performance of financial operations in cryptocurrencies. The STC VISA card will make the processing of payments and transfers even easier and more convenient.


Big TRADE Token Day

This will be an attractive surprise for every Smart Trade Coin user. It will also be a special opportunity for users who do not own a TRADE token. The company is preparing this special action in relation to another important event - Hard Fork


Hard Fork and TRADE PLUS

This will be a very important event to update and enhance the security system. The key element of this operation will be the issue of the TRADE PLUS token. It will be a new token with all the components needed for its future operation.

The TRADE PLUS token will complement and enhance the TRADE token. Both tokens will be active and both will be published on exchanges. Each Smart Trade Coin user owning TRADE tokens will receive the same quantity of TRADE PLUS tokens for free.

This operation will double the chances of success in conquering the market and increase the profits of the token holders.


Launching Multi-exchange Trading App

The Smart Trade Coin App will be a tool that will revolutionarily improve investment and trading processes. Thanks to the unified interface of many exchanges the execution of operations will become even more efficient. This will also be possible thanks to the numerous options and tools available in the App. Trading and investing will become even more accessible.


Launching Exchange Forum

The Exchange Forum will provide a platform for the sharing of information among Smart Trade Coin users. It will be a source of reliable and verified information.

Users will be able to exchange their experiences. This platform will provide serious support for another of the scheduled events - TRADE and TRADE PLUS listings on the exchanges.


Listing of TRADE and TRADE PLUS tokens on the exchanges

TRADE and TRADE PLUS tokens will be published on major exchanges. This will make them a real form of payment. It will also allow you to increase profits resulting from owning and trading TRADE and TRADE PLUS tokens.


Smart Trade Coin strives for continuous development to provide you with the best trading tools and make your profits more and more rewarding. That is why we thank you very much for your support and commitment. We are developing for you and thanks to you.


Smart Trade Coin Team