Bitcoin on its way to $30,000, Etherum to $1,000, experts say

The first quarter of 2020 was not one of the calm ones in the cryptocurrencies market. The global pandemic has brought significant changes in exchange rates. However, the current situation seems to be very optimistic.

The latest ratings of the two main cryptocurrencies show an upward trend.

The price of Bitcoin is currently over $10,200 and Ethereum over $325.

Experts predict that this is a trend that will continue. The latest predictions show that the record reached at the end of 2017 will be broken. In December 2017, Bitcoin for the first and last time approached $20,000 and Ethereum was over $1,300 in early 2018. It was a time when interest in cryptocurrencies, investment, and trading has significantly increased. Now this story could happen again.

The latest predictions say that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $30,000, which would break the current record by more than $10,000. The latest analysis shows that such an increase is still possible in 2020.

The Ethereum upward trend analysis predicts that cryptocurrency could reach $1,000 this year. This means that ETH will triple its current value.

Most likely the cryptocurrencies market is facing its historic moment. Therefore this is the best time to buy crypto assets. Buying cryptocurrencies at this point in time may result in 3 times more funds at the end of the year!

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