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Smart Trade Coin is constantly analyzing the market and investment behavior to adopt the best strategies. This allows us to implement updates that improve the performance of STC bots.

We regularly monitor current Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies price predictions. However, we are aware that most of the published Bitcoin price predictions are speculative and even the best-known experts are repeatedly found to be wrong. But sometimes we are faced with a serious attempt to analyze a possible Bitcoin price.

One such example is the Stock-to-Flow Model, created by PlanB, a Dutch institutional investor. This model uses the shortage to quantify the value of Bitcoins. This model estimates that the price of Bitcoin will reach a value of $288,000 before the next halving. This means that the Bitcoin price will reach a value more than ten times higher than during the record in 2017. This model and report is drafted but has already been reviewed and approved by several other analysts.

Smart Trade Coin investment strategy results

No investment strategy achieves optimal results at all times. Due to different market dynamics, there are times when it works well, and others when it does not. We have analyzed this strategy and compared the results to show the differences in performance. The following graphic shows the percentage increase in profits generated by STC Bots since the beginning of 2020. twitter The purpose of Smart Trade Coin is for our strategy to work effectively most of the time and then exceed its benchmark in the long term.

Within three years Smart Trade Coin introduced a new quality to the crypto investment market. Our tools have made trading available to everyone. No prior experience or knowledge of the investment is required. The trading process has been automated by the Trading Bot. The graphics below show the percentage increase in the number of STC bots purchased since the beginning of 2020. twitter Since its beginning, Smart Trade Coin has been popular with traders and those who would like to start investing in the crypto market. It can be proved by the great success of the ICO and the growing number of active users of the Smart Trade Coin GO! The graphics below show the monthly growth in the number of users in 2020. twitter Smart Trade Coin regularly implements significant strategy updates which result in improved performance and risk management. Our strategies are consistently at the highest level in the crypto asset management industry.

Market overview

In May the crypto market continued the positive trend established in previous weeks. The market gained 5.8% in the first week and 83.6% from the low level of 16 March 2020. This was followed by a sharp two-day adjustment with a loss of 15.3%. The market rebounded quickly and continued its upward trend to end the month with a solid growth of 8.4%. Smart Trade Coin analyzes investment publications and cryptocurrencies to create the best strategies and analyze investor behavior. These confirm the growing popularity of the crypto market.

Institutional Digital Asset Investor Study (Fidelity Digital Assets)

36% of respondents say they are currently investing in digital assets and 60% believe that digital assets are in their investment wallet. Taking into account five years, 91% of respondents who are open to investing in digital assets expect that at least 0.5% of their investments will be allocated to digital assets.

Trust is essential for the long-term success of the crypto ecosystem. Trust in cryptocurrencies generally increases and the more people know about them, the more they can see the potential. However, 76% of them do not yet know the cryptocurrency. This is why education in this area is so important.

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