21 million BTC and the specificity of Halving

Bitcoin has a pre-programmed limit of BTC 21 million.  A deficit commodity generally has more demand than an unlimited one.  Furthermore, the Bitcoin inflation rate, i.e. BTC added daily, is completely transparent and visible for everyone.  This provides the necessary security that BTC is not devalued by the central authority, as we already know it from FIAT currencies.

The bitcoin inflation rate is characterized by a special feature that makes it the rarest commodity in the world in the long term: by half.  When halved, the Bitcoin rewards are halved every 4 years. Next time it will be 12.05. 2020, after which there will be only 6.25 BTC reward per block instead of 12.5 BTC per block, i.e. every 10 minutes.


In the long run, this may lead to excessive demand, which will also affect the price of BTC. The current offer on the markets is mostly caused by the sales of miners.  If fewer Bitcoins are created every day, less can be sold on the market.

A few years ago, the price of Bitcoin was enough for anyone to afford to buy it. Nowadays its price is much higher. However, as analyses indicate, it is worth buying even a part of Bitcoin. Experts predict that Bitcoin may reach the price of $100,000 in the nearest future. With the current Bitcoin rate, investing even a small part of it, e.g. $100, may result in our contribution being multiplied several times.