The vaule of TRADE

Dear Community,

Smart Trade Coin is prepared to list the TRADE token on the exchanges. Therefore, we are taking actions that will have an influence on establishing TRADE value. We would like to present to you the current course of work and our plans for the nearest future.

We want to highlight what will be the super power in Trade's success!

·         Cooperation with exchanges for the publication of the TRADE token has been ongoing for a long time. We have already presented the dates of the publication. Marketing activities connected with TRADE publication will concern only official exchanges with which STC has established cooperation. This will allow us to reach the users of the exchanges and interest them in buying TRADE. The greater the interest, the greater the value of the token.

·         Partner companies are waiting for the publishing of the TRADE token. Smart Trade Coin has established cooperation with international companies that want to buy TRADE tokens. These are significant companies, recognized all over the world. The participation of large companies in TRADE sales will be a driving force for the sale of a token and to establish its high value.

·         The value of a TRADE token will also be determined by a burning token process. This is intended to reduce the volume of tokens available on the market and thus increase the demand for TRADE. Burning will be carried out just before the TRADE token official publication on the exchanges.

·         Smart Trade Coin is preparing one more procedure, which will significantly affect the determination of TRADE token value. However, at this stage, we do not want to give more details to prevent the TRADE value from being controlled by other parties.

At the moment of publication of the TRADE token on the exchanges with which STC has established cooperation, its value will be established. The same value will appear on exchanges around the world.

Smart Trade Coin makes every effort to ensure that the value of the TRADE token will be as high as possible at the time of start. That is why we thank you for being with us and ask for your help in spreading information about TRADE. The more popular a token becomes, the higher its value will be. Thanks to this we will achieve great success together.

Smart Trade Coin is not just a vision. It is a real operator with a functional product that wins the world.

Yours sincerely,

Smart Trade Coin Team