Intensive preparations for the exchange listing

Dear Community,

We would like to share with you important information about our current activities. The last weeks have been a time of intensive work and preparations for the Smart Trade Coin listing on the crypto exchanges.

The entry into the exchange is a complex and multi-level process. It requires the fulfillment of specific requirements set by the operators of specific exchanges. It concerns many different aspects, therefore proper preparation of the platform requires a lot of time and effort.

In order to carry out the whole process of listing on the exchanges, it is necessary to prepare detailed documentation that specifies the functioning of the complete project in case of different exchange behaviors. It is necessary to present all the assumptions concerning safety, security, finances and investment processes. The functionality of our product must be verified in multiple tests in order to meet the highest standards of safety, usability and investment opportunities. Currently, this involves a significant intensification of our activities and many consultations carried out at several levels.

Therefore, the process of entering the exchange requires patience, as each product is subject to thorough verification by the exchange operators.

Smart Trade Coin considers the preparation of a product to meet all the highest technical and safety standards to be its most important objective. Above all, we want it to meet users' expectations. We believe that intensive preparation will result in significant benefits for the Smart Trade Coin community in the nearest future.

We will keep you informed of our next steps.


Thank you for being with us!

Smart Trade Coin Team