Take the next step!

Years of evolution have shaped human in such a way that before moving into the unknown he analyses possible difficulties and calculates profits and losses. This is the nature of mankind.  We are aware that only a small percentage of the population has the knowledge needed to trade. However, we believe that with Smart Trade Coin everyone will be able to trade effectively at the same level as an experienced trader.

We have developed tools to better understand market and trading rules. The demo version of the Smart Trade Coin GO! platform allows you to test the entire service based on real market data. Users can use a fabricated currency, so in the first steps of trading, they do not have to invest their funds. It is important to get to know the mechanisms that allow trading and to test their capabilities. It also allows to check how intuitive and user-friendly the Smart Trade Coin platform is. The demo version is completely free of charge.

The next step is to choose the appropriate Status. Depending on the user's needs, we have prepared 3 different statuses in terms of trading opportunities and price. The Bronze status is completely free. The Silver and Gold statuses, which allow to trade at a higher level, can be paid monthly or yearly.


Unique and modern technology implemented by Smart Trade Coin, many tools and additional services allows for active participation in trading processes. Trading is no longer reserved for experienced users.