Attention! Fake news!

Dear Users,

 We are living in times when information is one of the most valuable resources. It is important to be able to distinguish true from false. Currently one of the main threats on the Internet is fake news. They are constructed to be as attractive as possible, to reach a wide audience, and to use this potential for unethical practices.

Smart Trade Coin also has to fight against fake news. Many people try to impersonate our company to scam money or personal information. We effectively combat all fake social media accounts, but the rate at which they appear online is so fast that it is sometimes very difficult. Therefore, we would like to share with you some practices to keep your data and finances safe.

Smart Trade Coin has only one account on Instagram and Facebook and one channel on Telegram. Any other accounts that use our name and logo have nothing to do with our company. Contacting them could result in serious financial loss. All official links to our news feeds can be found on our website.

If you receive a newsletter with our logo and company name in the mail, always verify that the sender's address belongs to STC. Many people may try to use this communication opportunity to spread fake news that could harm your investments.

Any content that we provide through newsletters can also be found on our website This way you can always check if the message you have doubts about is written by STC.

Fake News that appears online may relate to false events, plans and assumptions that purport to describe our Company's policies. Much of this information may refer in its substance to the names of our management. However, we suggest that you check each piece of information for its source. Fake news can cause misinformation to interfere with your investment strategy planning and may expose you to losses.

If you receive a message from a fake email address or a fake account on Instagram, Facebook and Telegram do not respond to it. People creating fake news may try to obtain your personal or login information, which could expose you to financial loss.

We constantly ensure the highest security standards for our users. We are currently implementing new solutions that will allow us to fight fake news and fake accounts even better.


We are always available to you in any matter. Thanks to your commitment we can take care of our common security and actively fight against fake news.


Smart Trade Coin Team