Important information from STC

Dear Users,

    The crypto market is growing rapidly. Bitcoin was created in 2009 and
    despite the initial skepticism of investors, today it isa recognized
    investment vehicle that at its peak cost over$60,000. The crypto market
    provides serious competition to traditional forms of investment. It
    allows generating much higher profits in a shorter period, but such a
    model does not remain free from the risk of losses.

    DeFi services are one of the latest services that have been included in
    the package offered by Smart Trade Coin. These investments are run by a
    group of eminent experts. Thanks to their work so far, many of our users
    have been able to gain significant investment profits. However, certain
    elements that characterize the crypto sector remain out of control and
    despite many signals, it may take a completely different direction than
    we assumed. Recently, we have witnessed just such an event. Despite the
    experience and knowledge of investors and analysts, DeFi's investments
    have taken a different direction than we anticipated.

    Our previous actions were related to the use of financial leverage, i.e.
    the use of margin to provide increased exposureto a given investment.
    This solution allows us to limit the use of equity when investing.

    As a result, it was possible to generate a much higher profit than in
    the case of the usual form of investing. This option, unfortunately, has
    one drawback: as the gains increase, so does the risk of loss.

    Like for many of you, this is a very difficult situation for Smart Trade
    Coin. We realize that many users of our service have suffered
    significant losses. But there is a risk that is always inherent in
    investing, whether in traditional or crypto markets.

    For the Smart Trade Coin team, users always come first. That's why we
    have made a decision that will help compensate for the losses incurred.
    Our idea is to create a crypto pool to help every user who has been

    Our goal is to take all possible actions in this matter. We striveto
    help in this difficult moment and we believe that we will succeed
    together. Thank you for your continued confidence in the capabilities of
    our company. Smart Trade Coin was created for you so that everyone has a
    chance to make a real profit in the crypto industry.

    Smart Trade Coin Team