Important information for our Users

Dear Users,
Digital currencies appeared on the market just over a decade ago. These 10 years represented a real revolution of finance around the world. Currently, almost everyone knows what Bitcoin is and every day there are more and more people interested in investing in the crypto sector. From the beginning, it was clear that this new form of investment is different from traditional exchanges and trading of assets. The greater dynamics of price fluctuations allow for even greater profits. However, where there is an opportunity for large gains, there is also an increased risk of significant losses.

Recently, Smart Trade Coin has introduced investments in DeFi to its suite of services. We have brought in outstanding professionals on our team to oversee and choose the best direction to generate the highest possible profits. However, sudden market fluctuations are beyond our control and we faced such a situation recently. Therefore, we would like to explain the recent turbulence of crypto investing and present our solutions to mitigate its effects.

The investment strategy we used in the DeFi Sector was based on leverage.
Leverage works by using margin to provide increased exposure on a given investment. In practice, only a portion of the investment capital is used and the lender covers the rest of the amount needed. This solution allows you to limit the use of equity capital when investing.
The use of leverage makes it possible to generate much more profit than in the case of the usual form of investment. However, increasing the dynamics of the whole process also carries the risk of loss, even up to 100% of the investment.

Our previous efforts have been successful, with many of our users generating significant profits. But our confidence in the market and investors has failed recently. The market has taken a different direction than what many analysts predicted. This has been the main reason for the loss that has recently affected our investment activities.
This is a very difficult situation for us and we deeply regret the fact that some of our users have suffered significant losses. Nevertheless, any such action is associated with risk. It is always important to keep in mind that higher earnings come with the possibility of losing funds.
We understand that many of you may feel disappointed due to the losses incurred, but we want to assure you that we will not leave the situation at this stage. Smart Trade Coin is currently looking for solutions to minimize the losses incurred and compensate all users who have to deal with it.
Smart Trade Coin is always looking to generate the highest possible returns for our community. You are the most important to us and all our actions are taken with you in mind. Your loss is also our loss which is why we will work together to rectify this situation. We believe that the recent fluctuations will not affect your trust in our company and our services. We have been operating in the market for many years and have already helped a large group of people in building conditions for a better life and future. We would like to assure you that no one will be left without help.
Thank you for being with us.
Smart Trade Coin Team