Holding is the best long-term investment strategy

The price of Bitcoin has received a great deal of media attention recently. The multitude of media reports contributes to investors making wrong decisions and exposing them to losses. The crypto market should not be analyzed in the same way as traditional stock market assets. Both sectors rely on completely different mechanisms. Suggesting the latest media reports can lead investors to make wrong decisions and significant financial losses. That is why it is so important to conduct proper market analysis, to be able to control emotions and to hold.

Although the price of Bitcoin has fallen recently, this does not reflect the end of the bull market, which has lasted for six months. This is due to speculation, which works on a short-term basis and which usually ends with the price and market value rising again. During the corresponding period in 2020, Bitcoin's price was $9,000. Now it's almost 4 times higher than a year ago. Institutional investors believe that the good run will continue, so they accumulate their investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the DeFi sector.

The recent price drop is also seen as an opportunity to buy even more crypto assets. The continuous increase in the participation of institutional investors in crypto trading makes the whole sector begin to be treated as a hedge against the deepening inflation in traditional markets.

We would like to remind you that holding and the ability to stay calm in difficult market situations is the best method for successful and profitable investments. Bad decisions dictated by emotions can lead to serious losses.

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