New record of Ethereum!

The cryptocurrency market is becoming increasingly stable. The main leader in terms of price remains Bitcoin, whose value oscillates around $55,000. However, it is the parallel and dynamic development of other digital currencies that confirms the growing interest, trust, and commitment.


The price of Ethereum in May 2020 was around $200. Within a year, it experienced a gigantic increase of 2000% to the level of over $4,000. The increase from $3,000 to $4,000 of ETH occurred in just one week. The total market capitalization of Ethereum is over $500 billion. This means that more big companies have been overtaken by this currency. These include Wall-Mart, Johnson and Johnson, and soon ETH may surpass JPMorgan Chase in value.


High valuations have also been recorded recently by Binance Coin and DOGE. The parallel growth of cryptocurrencies is making the entire market increasingly competitive. The recent increases are mainly caused by the increasing interest of institutional investors. At the same time, predictions that spoke of a significant increase in the price of digital currencies in 2021 are beginning to come true.


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