Ethereum with a new record!

A year ago, one ETH was worth $210. Now, this cryptocurrency is experiencing its highest popularity in history. The price of ETH has been on an upward trend for quite some time. With the beginning of May, there was an even more dynamic growth, which reached a level of over $3,300.

ETH is increasingly boldly entering the ranks of the world's most valuable assets. With a current market capitalization of over $380 billion, it has overtaken many international companies, including The Walt Disney Company and Bank of America.

Ethereum's total market capitalization increased by as much as 24% in one week. This is a great indication of the growth of the cryptocurrency sector. With the growing popularity of Blockchain-based systems comes the consolidation of ETH in the market. Such a situation was already predicted by experts many months ago, when a forecast appeared estimating the value of ETH at $10,000 by the end of 2021.

The market stabilization of cryptocurrencies and systems based on them are evidence of the excellent condition of the entire digital currency sector. Many analysts indicate that this is the best time to take up investments from this field. Take advantage of the Smart Trade Coin offer. Use smart systems to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and invest in DeFi. Take advantage of this time and start making money!


Smart Trade Coin Team