Ethereum target is $10,000 and above!

Ethereum has set the highest value of all time. The latest record is $2,094. Although the result does not seem as spectacular as Bitcoin's listing, Ethereum may prove to be one of the most dynamic forces in the crypto market in the nearest future.

Many projections predict that Ethereum's upward trend is in its early stages. Ultimately, its value is expected to reach $10,000 or even more. Many factors will influence this in the coming time, but by far the most important is the development of DeFi.

The decentralized finance sector and ETH are closely dependent on each other. The current development of DeFi, as well as Ethereum, is in the early stages of their path to increasing popularity. This trend will continue as there is a steady increase in institutional players that are beginning to implement themselves into this sector.


Predictions show that we could see the price of ETH rise to $3,000 very soon. Further increases will then be a matter of time.


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