Bitcoin on its way to another record high!

Bitcoin's recent ratings show an upward trend. The direction of BTC towards $60,000 is evident. This situation could be influenced by the recent decisions made by the giants of the financial sector, which are VISA and PayPal, who have announced the launch of crypto payments through their platforms. Analyses conducted based on observation of recent ratings predict that Bitcoin's current record of over $61,000 could be broken, and with a significant surplus.


According to a Cointelegraph article, in which the analysis conducted was based on the Fibonacci extension, new milestones for Bitcoin are indicated. The first one is $73,000 and the next is $92,000. Such an optimistic prediction is part of a trend in which it is expected to close 2021 with a Bitcoin score between $100,000 and even $300,000.


The recently growing value of the most popular cryptocurrency is also noticeable in its relation to gold. The value of BTC concerning gold has doubled in the last 3 months, and seven times in the last 6 months. The price of Bitcoin exceeds the price of gold. This is recognized by many investors, including JPMorgan, who predict that Bitcoin investors will absorb some of the gold markets.


The cryptocurrency market is booming, especially thanks to the interest of institutional investors. The price of Bitcoin has been holding above the $50,000 level for quite some time. The involvement of market giants from many sectors is seen as the initial stage in the process of financial and economic revolution. Therefore, the prediction that the price of Bitcoin will rise seems to be most justified.


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