Ethereum - a currency with investment potential

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Most of the attention of crypto market investors and traders is focused on the biggest digital currency - Bitcoin. The reason for this is its high value, which has been above $50,000 for quite some time. However, the currency that should be in the focus of every investor's interest is Ethereum.

ETH has seen an increase of more than 1200% since 'Black Thursday'. Analysts and experts predict that such a trend will continue in 2021. This is influenced by many factors.

First of all, the Ethereum platform is unrivaled when it comes to the blockchain sector. The number of tokens created on the basis of ERC-20 keeps growing, which results in the dynamization of the crypto area around ETH.

Etherum also remains at the forefront of the DeFi industry, which is increasingly revolutionizing the global financial market. Recent months have become very successful for this sector, with more and more institutional investors beginning to express their interest. This dynamic has been reflected in the rise in the value of most major cryptocurrencies.

Transactions registered by Ethereum in 2020 exceeded the value of $1 trillion. This is ahead of the results achieved by payments giant - PayPal.

Admittedly, Ethereum does not attract as much attention as Bitcoin, but analysts have no doubt that it is a digital currency with significant potential for long-term investments and transactions.

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