Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin price will reach $65,000

Mike Novogratz, one of the most famous ex-hedge fund managers in the world, has published a Twitter post predicting an increase in the price of Bitcoin to $65,000 in the nearest future.

The Twitter post was an answer to the question of actress Maisie Williams, known from "The Game of Thrones", who is considering buying this cryptocurrency.

Novogratz suggested that this is the best time to buy BTC, which value will be achieved through low supply and rapid growth of new buyers. Bitcoin is currently experiencing steady growth and is approaching its record-breaking value from 2017.

Bitcoin's recent ratings are very positive. For two weeks now, there has been a level that BTC has not been able to hold since its beginning. Nevertheless, the latest results have not received as much media attention as in 2017.

The opinion expressed by Mike Novogratz is another recent optimistic prediction concerning BTC's price. It is also suggested by an increase in interest among companies and institutions that have not yet expressed their willingness to invest in this crypto.