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3314000000 01/02/2019 CAPITAL X CELL
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CXC is called CAPITAL CELL PUBLIC BLOCKCHAIN. The left C stands for CAPITAL, the right C is CELL, and X connects both ends, and it also represents infinite fission ability and unknown evolutionary possibilities. CXC public blockchain is the founding body. In its system, whether you are a merchant, an individual or a developer, you can rely on multi-layer information marketing intelligent contract for fast fission as cells. DNA, that is CXC blockchain business contract, can have continuous inheritance in the process of reproduction and evolve through the contribution of collective intelligence. The whole system will become more and more accurate, allowing participants to gradually achieve financial freedom, social freedom, personality freedom, and experience the shocking experience from single cell fission to humans. At this time, CXC will also grow from a financial public blockchain focusing on blockchain business to a practitioner and leader who provides decentralized service support for all walks of society.

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